The Score

The music behind KIN is the stunning result of a debut collaboration between David Ridley and Aaron May, composers who collaborate on music for film. They met while studying music at Bristol University where they became Masters in composition, both under full arts faculty scholarships.

Since then their careers have taken them down different paths.  Aaron, with a natural affinity for electroacoustic music, works as both a composer and sound designer, and enjoys blurring the line between the two forms. He has composed music and sound on projects, for CBBC, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, The V&A and The Imperial War Museum amongst many others.

David co-founded a theatre company, Bucket Club, with whom he has created and appeared in four music-driven plays, and with whom he won the Musical Network Award for Innovation in Musical Theatre in 2014 (for Lorraine & Alan). David continues to work largely as a composer and multi-instrumentalist for theatre, and is currently performing as Musical Director of the National Theatre’s Jane Eyre around the UK.

The pair enjoy using their contrasting skill-sets in collaboration which adds an edge of improvisation and conversation into the writing process.  They create textured, intimate music with a view to colouring the on-screen world.

More of their work can be found at: